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All our customer reviews for all our replicas in one place. Check out what sports fans (and gift-givers) have to say:


I purchased two stadiums for birthday gifts. The people receiving them were so crazy about them I decided to purchase two more for Christmas gifts. The stadiums are so spot on, perfect gift ideas!! Thank you so much. 
– Trent H. 12/23/16

At Home With Home Fields

I have given three Home Fields replicas as Christmas gifts over the years. And I have one of my own as well. They are totally UNIQUE, and very few homes have them, so they are always conversation-starters. Craftmanship is superb and energy consumption is next to zero. What's not to like?
– Norman C. 12/19/16

Outstanding quality!
Given the “Big House” to many friends as gifts and they all appreciate it very much. Also, provided each gift with a timer so it lights up every evening!
– Jeffrey I. 12/19/16
Great idea, Jeffrey! The LEDs take a tiny amount of power, so if you want to leave it lit up all the time, you can!

Was a gift

Awesome wife went to UT and she will love it as a Christmas gift.
– Gerald B. 12/15/16

Unique gift!
I saw your stadiums at an art fair in Michigan this summer and fell in love. It was the coolest idea I have seen and my dad graduated from Michigan. Now he'll have something so unique to add to his collection! Thanks so much for making these!
– Jessica E. 12/13/16

Go Spartans!

It looks great on my husband's desk!
– Amelia H. 12/6/16

Wanted one for years

We gave this as a gift for our sons best friend. He and his parents loved it, "I've never seen anything like this ever, very cool." They are so unique as a gift to give for any sports fan! Thanks so much Ken
– Nancy C. 12/5/16

Best Christmas Gift!!!!

I won the best gift award for a decade when I purchased this last fall for my father, we are die hard Iowa State fans! The stadium looks incredible, I bought the 13'' with a case and LED lighting, I highly recommend this gift for any sports fan! I can't wait to give my Dad this years Christmas gift.... Wrigley Field!
– McKenzee F. 12/4/16

Super Fan- Blown away
Great presentation and unique gift.
– Chip D. 11/30/16

Job well done.
It was very nice. Going to give it as a gift.
– Charles K. 11/29/16 


Less than expected

The stadium consists of little more than thick cardboard with photographs applied. If the stadium is viewed from the sides or from above, these sub-optimal features are very apparent. It is only if it is viewed straight on at eye level or below that these less than ideal features are hidden. Also in my opinion a fair price would be approximately half of the prices listed.
– Peter G. 11/24/16
We are sorry that you do not like our Wrigley Field, Peter. We accept any stadium returned for any reason as long as it's in new condition! None of our stadiums contain any cardboard. The stadium is compressed wood which accounts for its weight. All our stadiums are made in the U.S.A. by American citizens plus we pay royalties. Thanks for the feedback!


Love These Replicas
This was our second Home Fields purchase. We bought Arrowhead in a mall store, never even knowing this product exsisted!! We recently bought a small TCU field (for a buddy who played football there back in the day) for Christmas. He hasn't received it yet bet we know he will love it! Hubby and I plan to buy at least 2 more, Arkansas Razorbacks and Kaufman! Quality work, quality product, most of all they're really beautiful!!
- Lexie S. 11/22/2016

Product is Amazing
Will definitely purchase more in the future. Shipped quickly
- Jimmy B. 11/7/2016  

Love the stadiums!!
I bought 3 sizes for my husband and he LIVED them!! Great Gift Idea!!
- Melissa E. 10/24/16

Outstanding lighted 3D taste of Fenway in Florida
It is so great to enter my Cave and have my eyes be immediately drawn to a lighted piece of Fenway Park here in Tallahassee. Makes my heart happy. The attention to detail is exquisite and I can't wait to get one of Royals Stadium [it will never be Kaufman Stadium to me] and our beloved Doak Campbell Stadium for both me and my FSU student son.
- Steven Currieo 9/28/16

It is a well made beautiful item.
- Lauren Zuckerman-Booth 9/21/16

Fantastic gift
I purchased 2-stadium replicas for my husbands birthday! He was ecstatic to receive them. The detail in the stadiums are absolutely amazing!!! Hands Down Great Gift!!! Thank you so much for Extremely Fast Shipping As Well!!
- Melissa Edwards 9/14/16

Great stuff!
Great effect. Makes a nice edition to the man-cave!
- Perry Cecchini 9/14/16

Amazing replica and awesome gift!
Would definitely buy another one!
- Jourdan Black 9/5/16

Loyal Home Fields Customer
It's a Christmas gift so he hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure that his Fenway Park replica will be a big hit with my son. It will be his ninth MLB stadium (each representing one that he's actually been to) and he also has one NFL (New England) and college football (Mississippi State) stadium. Since discovering these great stadiums at a Gatlinburg, TN, craft fair about a decade ago, they've become quite cherished in our household.
- Craig Davis 8/29/16

Pretty Decent
Little bit of a disappointment because it's not actually a 3D stadium. It's pretty flat but the way it is designed makes it look like a 3D stadium. However, it still looks pretty cool on my desk.
Doug Bowman 8/23/16
Hi Doug,
We're glad it's found a home on your desk! We think the layered design and lighting gives a great 3D effect that can still fit on your shelf or desk. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for shopping with us!

Polo Grounds
Very well done. Brings back fond memories. Others in my office will be ordering from you as gifts for people who are hard to find gifts for.
- Mikel Uchitel 8/22/16

Genuine Keepsake!
I attended a festival in St. Charles, MO today and purchased the small model of Wrigley Field. Ken, seeing that you are "The number one White Sox fan in America", I thank you for including Wrigley in your collection!! We Cub fans are so desperate! As the years pass like lightning, I'm hoping my beloved Cubs can produce the World Series win that generations of my family have longed, cheered and hoped for :-). I will be making a few more purchases for Christmas gifts in the near future. Not wanting to break the bank, I bought a small one today intending to "Wow" my brother with the most awesome Christmas gift ever, but after taking it out of the box to test quality, it shall be mine! I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a beautiful replica (the lights are so cool) of one of my most favorite places to spend an afternoon. The history you penned on the back makes the replica, transforming it from a piece of wood to a genuine keepsake. Also want to add that the folks running the booth were warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Joyce shared that you were the brainchild of the replica idea. As I gaze at my brothers once upon a time gift, thank you for making my day! Kindest regards, Mary Jane.... and go Cubbies!!!
- Mary Jane Harris 8/21/16

Go Tribe!
This was a gift for our anniversary. It's very cool,looks awesome and the old Jacobs Field is still on the stadium.
- Matt Holub 7/12/16 

I bought this stadium as a gift
and it very much appreciated!!
- Rhonda Pitts 6/29/16

Fenway Park for My Brother
My brother, Don, is from Boston and now lives in Portland, OR and constantly has battles with friends who are Yankee fans. Now that he has a Fenway Park in his home, it gives him a leg up. He is thrilled with it.
- Robert Colburn 6/28/16

Hubby Loved It
My husband loved his Father's Day Gift! He has a Houston, Texans man cave and it goes perfect!!! Love it!!!! Brilliant idea!!!
- Shara Smith 6/24/16

I purchased the Cowboys stadium
for my brothers birthday and will give it to him Saturday. It looks great and I know he will love it. I'm a huge Hockey fan so if you ever make the Dallas Stars AAC arena replica, I would love to buy it.
- Joey Delbert 6/9/16

Excellent Gift for Any Sports Fan
I bought this last Christmas for a lifelong Red Sox fan and he loved it. The small (9") is larger than I expected and is the ideal addition to any memorabilia collection/living room/man cave. I've seen it up close several times and the craftsmanship and attention to detail are impeccable; this 9 inch block captures every nook and cranny that makes Fenway so special. I would highly recommend this as a gift for any sports fan in your life, young or old.
– Peter Abramowitz 6/7/16

Second purchase
I bought my first stadium at a craft show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds at a craft show for a grandson, a Carolina Panthers. The second was of MandT Bank Stadium for the Ravens for another grandson. They both really enjoyed them . Great quality and lots of fun for them
– Paul Campbell 6/7/16

Ebbets Field
Birthday gift for a old friend of mine. He loved it, said with lights out at night it's absolutely beautiful. Now one has done anything like that for him before. My hats are off to you at Home Fields, thank you for your great prompt service also.
– Richard Shaw 5/30/16

Unique gift for the guy that has it all
This is a great gift for Dads, brothers and sons who have it all. I've purchased 3 of these for my brothers who are die hard Red Sox fans and they love them. You must purchase the lit version as it appears like a real night time game and also makes a great little night light in a bedroom or hallway . We were all impressed with the detailing, authenticity and craftsmanship. If only they were a bit less expensive, I would purchase them for my boys' friends as birthday gifts. I"d say any baseball fan 9-99 would love to receive this!
– Mary 5/25/16

An A+ Christmas gift
I bought this Fenway Home Fields product for my dad for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I was super impressed by the detail and authenticity of the product and it's now proudly displayed in his office. I recommend Home Fields as much as one can.
– Andrew C 5/24/16

I gave my boyfriend the Houston Astros Minute Maid Park for his birthday - he loved it! I was very happy to find such a unique, creative and well-built gift he can enjoy for many years to come.
– T M ALLEN 5/8/16

Wrigley Field
Our grandson is enjoying it to the fullest. It has a "prominent" place on his mantel.
– Mike Thompson 5/2/16

Great Gift
I received this as a gift and it's pretty sweet, especially when you turn on the light! Looks completely 3D, like you're in a blimp flying over the stadium. The only thing I would change is adding a switch to the power cord so you don't have to unplug it to turn it off.
– Darby Hockenberry 5/1/16
Hi Darby! We're so glad you like your stadium. Thanks for the suggestion. The lights are LEDs, so if you want to leave them on, they use very little power and can last a LONG time. One of ours has been left on 24/7 for more than 3 years. Still shining!

Yankee Stadium
It was a gift they thought it was great
– Crystal Corbett 4/25/16

Red Sox
I purchased this for my son for his birthday. He was very pleased.
– Cathy Marlier 4/24/16

If you are a sports fan, there is no better gift that you can receive than one of these stadiums. It is the best gift that I have ever received. These stadiums are truly remarkable. The LED lighting makes the stadium truly come alive at night. I have become a kid again. I have texted and told friends and family that they need to come and see this for themselves. After seeing it, they all thought it was incredible. I am going to be adding to what I have in the future. It was packaged very well, and it only 4 days to get to my home. Thank you Home Fields.
– Glen Snyder 4/16/16

Ideal gift for a true Bills fan!
We gave this as a gift to a die-hard bills fan and he loved it. I can't wait to get one to add to my collection as well!
– Andrea 4/5/16

It looks awesome! It was a great buy!
– Stevie Talley 3/5/16

Busch III is a big hit
I'm very happy with my new Busch III. Ordering could not have been easier and it arrived in just two or three days. I've got it in my office and it's been quite the conversation piece. It looks great. People have never seen anything quite like it. I'm a huge Cardinals fan and am old enough to have seen games in Busch I, II and III. Although most of my emotional ties are to Busch II, and I really liked that stadium, Busch III looks better in this product. Just a little more interesting than the round concrete Busch II. I plan to give these out as gifts to other baseball fans in my family, even if a few of them are Cubs fans. (I'm not cruel - I'll get them Wrigley.) Thanks for this unique product.
– Dave B 2/27/16

Excellent Gift Idea For Men!
It is so hard to find great gifts for men, that they will actually like. My boyfriend LOVES baseball so I'm going to have to get him the other two Stadiums from St Louis (the old Busch Stadium and Sportsman's Park)!! These are great and men really love them.... I wish I had more options, but at least this will cover 3 gifts! :) I guess I could always start getting him the larger ones too... that covers 6 gifts then! Thank you for the wonderful packaging and the quickness with shipping!
– Maria Tabacchi 2/18/16

This is a birthday gift for my husband later this month. I thought the small stadium in the case would be bigger than it is. I also didn't realize it was so narrow, it looks wider and more true to scale in the online pictures. My husband will love it nonetheless!
– Carol 2/2/16

Oklahoma Sooners Stadium
We got the lit OU stadium and like it a lot. However, we got the encased small version and it is actually smaller than I thought it would be. Wish we had gone up a size.
– Michele 1/28/16

The new Kyle Field is excellent. I also have the replica of old Kyle Field and very pleased with it as well.
– Vernon Luning 1/25/16

Bama stadium
Bought for step father for christmas, unfortunately I'm a Clemson fan. These stadiums are a great buy for any sports fan.
– Lance F 1/22/16

Quality Product
I purchased two different stadiums for Christmas presents. The recipients loved them. I was very impressed with the fast service and they were packed to make sure it all arrived safely. Quality service!
– Sharon Anderson 1/17/16

Very cool!
It's like you're looking down at it from a blimp! It's that realistic!
– Chris Vargo 1/14/16

Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium
Loved the mini replica of the Dallas Cowboys AT & T stadium. The only issue we had is as soon as we plugged it in, the power adapter blew. But they were very courteous and quick to get us a new adapter. Now it works great and is a great addition to our Dallas room.
– Dina Premont 1/14/16
Dina, We're so glad you love your replica. Our power adapter failure rate is quite a small percentage but we realize that doesn't matter much when you're the one whose adapter failed. We do guarantee our products for a year. I'm glad we were able to remedy the problem quickly which is always our goal.

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