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Best Sellers

9" stadium with display caseBest Sellers

Ohio State Buckeyes - Ohio Stadium

OH-IO. OH-IO.  Home Fields brings "The Horseshoe" to You!  Our 3D lighted replica Ohio Stadium is the perfect accessory for the Buckeye who has everything. You'll want to ring the victory bell...
9" stadium with display caseBaseball

Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park

Bring The Monster home with our 3D light up Fenway Park replica.  It will look SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD in your office, mancave or dorm room!  One glance...
9" stadium with display caseBaseball

New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium

27 rings and counting. Bring "The House that Jeter Built" to YOUR house. Or office.  Home Fields' Yankee Stadium 3D light up replica is a must if you want to...
9" stadium with display caseBaseball

Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field

"Let's play 2!" Home Fields Wrigley Field replica brings the friendly confines to you! One glance at your new 3D light up replica and you're there: A warm day and...
9" stadium with display caseBest Sellers

Penn State Nittany Lions - Beaver Stadium

WE ARE! Our 3D lighted replica Beaver Stadium is the perfect accessory for a Nittany Lion's office, mancave or dorm room! Just a glance and your favorite memories from Saturdays...
9" stadium with display caseBest Sellers

Alabama Crimson Tide - Bryant Denny Stadium

Roll Tide. Our 3D lighted replica Bryant Denny Stadium is the perfect accessory for a 'Bama fan's office, mancave or dorm room! Just a glance and your favorite memories from...

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